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Service after the sale is something we take great pride in!

Let us help you with your precision needs!

Looking for a great Return on Investment - Look no further! 

  • Automatic clutches - average return on investment is 1.5 years

  • Suredrive - Ag Leader's Electric Drive - auto shutoff, variable rate, and turn compensation all in one!  Savings below do not include other benefits such as turn compenstation yield enhacements and other possible maintenance savings.

  • Great payback!  Example - 1600 total acres, 800 corn - 800 soybeans - Automatic Clutch Saving - (typical savings of 7-10%) 

    1 year estimated payback of $17,100 - see below for calculation - payback dependent on field shape, weather and can vary depending on rate applied, etc

    Everything you need!

    • Fertilizer control and spray control - variable rate and section control - save on chemical and fertilizer now - many ways to save - add fertilizer section control to planter or fertilizer bar.  

    • Tired of manually switching between irrigated and dryland rates - add automatic control and a prescription for your field and never forget again.

    • Steering - long hours wearing you out - look at a new OnTrac 3 or Hydraulic Steering kit to add accuracy to your operation while making those long hours easier on your body.

    • GPS - need more accuracy - tired of WAAS Drift - upgrade to a better signal today!

    • Terrastar - C for 6500 - 2-4" accuracy

    • Terrastar C+ for 7500 1-3" accuracy

    • RTK - highly recommended!

      Ag Leader Displays

      A display for every occasion!

      • Mapping and Guidance
      • Steering
      • Planter Monitor with advanced features
      • Planter and Sprayer Control
      • Data collection
      • Yield Monitoring
      • Easy to use

      Seed Command

      Planter Control

      Make more money with your planter!

      • Automatic clutch control
      • Variable Rate Planting
      • Automatic Adjusting Hydraulic Down Pressure
      • Planter monitoring with advanced features
      • Electric Drive!
      • Outfit any color of planter with money making features!

      Auto Steer and Guidance

      Want to be more efficient with less strain on your body?

      • Available for virtually any tractor
      • No steer ready tractor, no problem!
      • Steer ready tractor - use existing valve
      • Ease of use - contour guidance and straight guidance can be used in same field!
      • Makes long hours in tractor manageable!

      Direct Command

      Application Control

      Any type of Application equipment can be controlled!

      • Sprayer shutoff and control
      • Dry Spreader control
      • Variable Rate control
      • Mutiple product control
      • Record keeping made easy!
      • Outfit your existing machine

      Yield Monitoring

      The core to Data driven decisions!

      • Real time data
      • Easy variety tracking to check hybrids
      • Accurate!
      • Start collecting to make money making decisions!

      Ag Finiti Data Management

      Data is at the heart of Precision Ag.  Put data at your fingertips with Ag Finiti.

      Instructions for In Command 1200 and AgFiniti Mobile Sync

      Some of the different Ag Finit options are below:

      • Wireless data transfer
      • Secure Cloud Storage
      • DisplayCast - Display to Display communication
      • IPad App - wireless map transfer from In Command 1200
      • And many more!

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